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    Compression wear product review

    Compression wear product review

    We have known about the benefits of compression wear technology for a while now but it seems it’s only getting better. Today we are reviewing a product from a company called BodyHelix which is supplying some products with a great amount of scientific evidence behind them and are causing a stir in the compression wear market.

    Their products have been helping a range of athletes with a range of problems and are even showing amazing signs for people with arthritis! This company is one to watch rising amongst the big players in the industry and if you suffer from injuries like patella tondonitis, shin splints, elbow pain, or a meniscus tear then it’s worth giving one of their products a go as their site is riddled with testimonials from happy customers…


    bodyhelix full knee








    Picture Credit: Picture is of Bodyhelix Knee support and is supplied by Bodyhelix

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    Stuck for Gift Ideas? The Internet Has Opened the Realm of Great Gifts

    Stuck for Gift Ideas? The Internet Has Opened the Realm of Great Gifts

    With online shopping, you would think gift giving should be easy, but how do you find quality gifts people will actually want?

    “It’s the thought that counts”… It’s a saying that comes with every birthday, holiday, anniversary or special event. Unwanted gifts or gifts that just don’t do what they’re meant to. The Internet has opened up a wealth of gifts-made-easy, but it has also opened up the market to inferior quality and random crap. So how do you choose a good gift for someone?

    Firstly, when shopping online choose a local site. If you live in Australia, then choose an Australian based company. This can help you choose a better gift online for 2 reasons. The first being you save on shipping costs (you can’t deny buying a cheaper gift because shipping is going to be expensive). Online sites like No I Deer Gifts offer flat rate shipping and being based in Australia can get the gift to you faster. The second is local companies know the market. They know the standards you expect and offer gifts online that reflect this.

    Secondly, know who you are buying for. It may sound obvious, but that remote control car you bought that nephew who was really into books will appreciate the extra thought. Some sites segment their gifts into under $25, under $50, For Him, For Her etc. A more comprehensive site will also include more comprehensive categories (such as teenager gifts, corporate, anniversary etc.)

    Finding a gift really requires some thought and buying gifts online is a great way to find a unique gift. 

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    The Top 5 Best Mobile Brands

    The Top 5 Best Mobile Brands

    When you need a new smartphone or just a mobile phone to keep you in touch with friends and family, you probably want to start with the top 5 mobile brands on the market.  Usually the best sellers become such for a reason, so choosing from these 5 can ensure you get the best phone possible.

    Apple mobile phones are known for their versatility, as are Blackberry mobile phones.  These two are typically some of the best because they have features that keep you organized, making them perfect for professionals and those constantly using their phones.

    HTC mobile phones often pack the most value for the dollar, giving you the basics when it comes to phone apps and web surfing.  Huawei mobile phones come in a wide variety of sizes and features, so you know you’ll find what works just for you without overpaying for features you don’t need and will never use.

    Rounding out the list are LG mobile phones, synonymous with durability and value and perfect choices for the heavy phone user that needs something that will deliver features but that will last for years to come.  When you’re in the market for a new phone, consider starting with these five brands.

    Find a huge selection of cheap mobile phones at http://www.exeltek.com.au/

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    Buying Back To School Gear? Label It!

    Buying Back To School Gear? Label It!

    When the dust settles on the school holidays and you take stock of all the school uniforms, lunch boxes and other supplies your child has lost in one place or another the previous year you are going to start forming an idea of how much money you need to spend to replace it all.

    Kids lose stuff. It is an unavoidable part of life. They are excitable, easily distracted and have not yet learnt the responsibility of looking after themselves. As parents our job is to account for that, expect it and guide them towards accountability, in the meantime however it can be frustrating to buy something purchased just two months ago.

    With financial burden of having just came out of the holiday season what can feel a lot like unnecessary spending can really make you feel the pinch that extra bit harder. Do something about it happening again and get durable nametapes made for all your child’s belongings.

    Woven name tags and vinyl name stickers are a great way to provide a failsafe for recovering left behind property. Including a phone number as well as a name can also help school gear left in public be found and returned by complete strangers. It is very important to get quality labelling done if you choose this path. Labels that will easily unstitch, fade or peel off aren’t worth the effort.

    For more handy hints on ways to handle back-to-school better, continue reading our blog. If you want to browse a huge range of nametapes online then visit www.nametapes.com.au




    September 5, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Ethical Weddings – Embark on Your Next Stage in Life with a Positive Impact

    Ethical Weddings – Embark on Your Next Stage in Life with a Positive Impact

    Ethical and sustainable weddings have become popular and this now extends to wedding gifts too

    Your Wedding day is one of the most special moments two people can share. Creating a pure and naturally beautiful setting in which your love and commitment for each other really shines is important. You’re about to take the next step and continue in this world as life partners and a team so why not protect this world you’re going to embark on with sustainable, ethical gifts from your guests?

    Creating a ethically green wedding isn’t as expensive or hard as one might think. The quality of products available through sustainable and ethical wedding registries has vastly improved over the years to include a much larger range including items you’d find on any normal registry. The only difference is all the products are guaranteed to be sustainable and ethically made without compromising on quality, design, style, how long it lasts and how it works. Buying eco wedding gifts also helps to sustain the people, communities, artists, designers and environments involved in making them.

    The design and feel of your wedding is up to you, but making a positive impact in the gifts you’re family and friends choose to give you is a gift that will last. Consider choosing ethical and sustainable wedding gifts through a specialised wedding registry and enjoy your new lives together.

    September 2, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Give Your Child a Head Start from an Early Age

    Give Your Child a Head Start from an Early Age

    How your child can benefit from child care

    As our lives get busier and we try to fit 48 hours into a 24 hour day, we become quite proficient at juggling. We become adept at juggling everything from work life to our social life, all the while trying to keep our family life under control as well. Those of us with kids may have to make decisions about putting our children in professional child care in Melbourne, if and when we return to work. For some parents this may be a hard decision to make, but it’s one that can and likely will benefit your child. Your kids can gain numerous advantages from being in child care.

    1. 1.       They will benefit socially

    Being around other children from an early age will help your child develop their social skills, which are sure to help them as they become older and grow into adults. They will learn how to build and maintain relationships through structured activities and through play with other children.

    1. 2.       Their formative learning and development capabilities will improve

    Children who are put into day care before the age of five typically enjoy increased learning and development capabilities as they get older.

    1. 3.       Better preparedness for school life

    Kids who are in child care or kindergarten have better preparation for the routines, the structures, and of course the social pressures of primary school.

    Whether you’re looking for child care centres or kindergartens in Blackburn or anywhere throughout Melbourne, take comfort in the knowledge that your child is sure to benefit greatly.

    August 27, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Father’s Day Gift Baskets

    Father’s Day Gift Baskets

    Find the best Father’s Day gift baskets online & give your dad a gift full of quality goods

    This Father’s Day give your dad a great gift he’ll really appreciate. Hampering Around has a wide range of Father’s Day gift baskets available online full of tasty treats and classic gifts. Whether you’re after a wine gift basket or a barbeque hamper, Hampering Around is sure to stock the gifts you’re after this Father’s Day.

    Our dads give us a lot over our life time, and often go unpraised so it is important to make your father feel as special as possible on Father’s Day. With an extensive variety of products available for your Father’s Day gift baskets, Hampering Around assures your dad will know how loved and appreciated he is this Father’s Day.

    For the best Father’s Day gift baskets and gift ideas visit Hampering Around this Father’s Day and give your dad a gift he’ll use and appreciate.

    August 27, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Why Buy Bike Racks for Your Business?

    Why Buy Bike Racks for Your Business?

    With two wheels being more popular in the urban landscape bike racks are a great investment

    Anyone who has spent any time in Brunswick in Melbourne will tell you just how much the bike culture has expanded in a city setting over the past ten years. Riding is healthy, convenient and low cost. But is your business adapting to the demand and how much do you have to gain by doing so?

    Well, with the new capacity for buying bike racks online  it is easy to find the type to suit your business. Many cafés for example would benefit massively from roof bike racks to maximise the storage space available and avoid the build-up of clutter around the shop front due to bikes chained to street poles. With the amount of hole in the wall coffee places that are regularly frequented by the type of people likely to ride, little consideration like convenient bike storage can go a long way to encouraging re-patronage.

    Or maybe you run a larger business with many younger customers and employees. When dealing with a demographic more likely to ride bikes the best thing to manage their parking and encouraging them to pop in the first place is to account for it with an appropriate amount of bike racking.

    These are just some examples of businesses that could benefit from buying bike racks online. Find out about more today from Etcetera.net.au

    August 21, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Benefits of Essential Oils & Natural Products

    Benefits of Essential Oils & Natural Products

    Are you tired of having a bad reaction each time you use a synthetic product, be it on your own body or for your home? That unwanted discomfort can easily be avoided with the use of natural products, which today, ranges from basic necessities, such as body washes, to essential oils. The lack of harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives and ingredients in natural products make it gentler on your skin, eliminating the possibilities of skin irritations or other complications.

    Essential oils can be used for varied purposes – in cosmetic applications, in hair care products and around the home. Different types of essential oils possess varied properties, which can benefit your skin and hair. You can also use essential oils to add aroma to your skincare and hair care recipes, as well as in soaps and candles.

    There are an increasing number of consumers who are turning to natural products, as more and more people are prone to sensitive skin and are subject to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Natural products are made with the right type of concentrated natural ingredients, and whilst are relatively more costly than mass-produced synthetic products, the cosmetic benefits are well worth the price. With all the benefits you stand to gain from natural products, it’s about time to start considering going all natural!


    August 15, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Transform the Interior of your Office for Less

    Transform the Interior of your Office for Less

    Create a dynamic professional environment with a full office redesign

    corner-workstationYour office is more than just the place where your work is carried out. It is the basis for your entire company, the launch pad for growth and a place where you can welcome potential new clients, partners, and existing associates. Thus, your office always needs to be in the best shape possible to present a professional façade and instil confidence in your clients and business partners.

    Having a great looking office is important for more than just creating a good first impression. It reflects your business and the overall foundation of your company. Think about it, if you walked into a business premises for a meeting and the place was dilapidated and neglected, you would immediately be put off – if they don’t care for the upkeep of their office, is that how they conduct they business?

    In order to present a professional and successful façade to the business world, you need to have the look as well as the working functionality to carry out your business goals.

    Affordable ways to refresh your office and staff productivity

    While the overall look and presentation of your office is important, so is your bottom line. Keeping a stringent budget is imperative to maintaining a successful business in today’s market, so you want the perfect balance of professional, effective office fitouts coupled with an affordable price. Equip Office Furniture provides a full range of affordable office furniture and design alternatives for your entire office. Covering everything from your boardroom to the foyer, reception desk, and even staff lunchrooms, simple furniture choices and design implementations can make all the difference in the look and output of your office.

    A cost effective way to improve productivity is to install new workstations for your employees that encourage functionality. Think easy access storage and usable space that works in conjunction with the placement of your computer or laptop. Corner desks or shared workstations are far more effective and productive than single person cubicles as they promote idea sharing and smoother functionality.

    Make your office more ergonomic with functional office fitouts

    Ergonomics is a word strongly associated with office design and functionality these days. It is important to provide your staff with safe, comfortable working conditions not only for their health and wellbeing, but for their output and frame of mind while at work. Utilising ergonomic chairs to support the back, foot rests to nurture the legs, and other measures can easily and affordably be implemented in any office and have proven to be the difference between happy, productive staff and uncomfortable, unmotivated workers.

    Full office fitouts are available for small, medium, and large scale businesses at really affordable prices, if you know where to look! An office fitout is a fantastic way to navigate around the regulations of your office lease contract. You won’t have to bulldoze or destroy the structural integrity of your building – you simply fit the new look of your office inside the existing building! It’s so simple and the most cost effective way to increase productivity and enhance the overall perceived reputation of your company.

    Overhauling the look and design of your office doesn’t have to cost you the earth. By implementing sleek, ergonomic furniture you will see an increase in satisfaction and happiness in your staff, leading to a more positive output in their work. Likewise, a full office fitout will provide the best impression on potential clients and partners who enter your premises. You’ve already got the business skills, now get the look to match and fit out your office with quality business furniture and fitouts that will transform your company.

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    Portable Toilets for your Outdoor Wedding

    Portable Toilets for your Outdoor Wedding

    Planning to hold an outside wedding is one of the most romantic and beautiful ways to celebrate your new life together. Whether you are celebrating the ceremony and reception on the beach, at a winery, in a botanical garden, or even in your own backyard, an outdoor wedding is bursting with beautiful decorating possibilities. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the comfort and privacy of your guests when it comes to toilets.

    If you are planning an outdoor wedding or reception in a public or private setting, be sure to hire high quality, clean, and modern portable toilets. Some research may be required to determine how many you should rent on your special day, as you don’t want your guests to have to wait around in long queues to use the bathroom. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to have separate toilets for male and female, as women like to spend more time in the mirror preening!

    However many you decide to hire is up to you, and a few factors include:

    • Duration of the event
    • Time of the year
    • Whether alcohol and food will be served

    Ensure that you include mobile toilets in your wedding planning or outdoor function to avoid disappointment. Look around to find the cheapest deals online for clean portable toilets to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

    Author Bio:

    Anne Jennings is a wedding planner and recently organised her own wedding in Perth’s great outdoors. She hired four portable toilets from Instant Toilets & Showers at exclusively cheap prices. Not only were the toilets very clean and modern, but the team also installed the facilities onsite. Anne still spends her time organising weddings for her clients, but now uses Instant Toilets & Showers when she needs toilets for outdoor ceremonies! You can visit their website by following this links: http://www.instanttoilets.com.au/

    July 22, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Christmas Hamper Ideas Online

    Christmas Hamper Ideas Online

    Find Christmas hamper ideas online with Gift Basket

    xhmas-hamperLooking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Nothing comes better than a Christmas hamper! GiftAHamper.com.au has a wide selection of Christmas hamper ideas available for the festive season, providing customers with a massive range of baskets to choose from online. Christmas hampers are a fantastic gift idea as they provide recipients with a wide range of products to enjoy – from chocolates and lollies to wine hampers and soft toys they have it all.

    Give a fresh and unique Christmas hamper this year

    With GiftAHamper.com.au you needn’t worry about searching high and low for a unique Christmas gift – it’s all here for you to browse and buy online. We deliver all over Australia, ensuring that absolutely anyone can enjoy the quality Christmas hamper ideas we have for sale online.

    Whether it’s for your mother or father, brother or sister, friend or colleague, our Christmas hamper ideas are sure to cater for their tastes and your budget.

    Buy Christmas hampers online with GiftAHamper.com.au today!

    Online Christmas hamper shopping is best done with GiftAHamper.com.au, simply because we have such a large range on offer! Our cheap prices are also a reason customers keep coming back to us for Christmas hampers year in, year out. At GiftAHamper.com.au, cheap prices and quality products are our promise!

    When it comes to hampers and gift baskets, always turn to GiftAHamper.com.au. Find great Christmas hamper ideas online with us today!

    July 7, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Swimwear on Sale!

    Swimwear on Sale!

    Looking for a bargain on swimwear? Over at Nova Swimwear they are having a huge sale on all last seasons swimwear stock. This includes girls swimwear, boys swimwear and racing swimwear. Head to their site soon to grab a bargain before they sell out.

    Buying swimwear online is one of those things (like clothing) that can be risky buying online without trying it on but Nova Swimwear are offering a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t quite fit you can send it back no problems.


    6d27f8a6bbff14a4fd6c112a2c464714 20027_534036626621613_360458682_n images (6) 

    June 28, 2013 0 comments Read More
    What is a Penstock?

    What is a Penstock?

    If you’re not in the desalination industry, chances are you haven’t heard of a penstock or what it can do. Simply put, a penstock (also known as a floodgate) is a channel that is used to feed or carry away water. The flow of the water is controlled by a sluice that is raised and lowered.

    penstocks made of steelPenstocks are necessary as they are designed to trap and regulate the flow of water to prevent any sudden changes in water level. They can also be seen at landfills and sewage treatment plants. In fact, anywhere that requires the release of fluids in a controlled manner for safety reasons will need a penstock.

    Different Types of Penstock

    Built to accept a range of flow situations, penstocks are available in many forms:

    • Type: Open, shut, modulating, weir
    • Mounting configuration: Channel, Wall, Thimble
    • Seating direction: On, Off
    • Pressure: Static, Operational
    • Operation/Operator: Manual, Prime mover, (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)

    The right penstock for your application is dependent on many factors, as they can take the form of pipes or long channels.

    Penstocks have an important job of protecting the surrounding environment from contamination. It is little wonder why these channels cost millions to manufacture and maintain. For more information on water control management contact AWMA in Australia.

    June 26, 2013 0 comments Read More
    Buying Wedding Video Packages

    Buying Wedding Video Packages

    The internet has made shopping online for the right wedding video package so much easier than it once was. The digital medium has given you a direct way of comparing quality to price on a sliding scale between every wedding videography company out there. Here a few simple rules to follow to ensure you get the record of your special day that you want.

    Decide the standard you are looking for

    Not all companies will deliver the same standard of wedding videos. While some might overcharge for what they deliver there is also a more tangible scale of ‘getting what you pay for’. The amount of videographers on the job. The standard of equipment. The amount of hours of consultation and on day shooting. All these are factors that will influence the end result that you can decide to go with or without.

    Assess their online presence

    Any wedding videographer company worth a damn will have an online presence with examples of their work. Not only can you use these examples to grade the quality of the work you’ll get, but you can use the volume of videos to judge how comprehensive and consistent the company will be. Just because a company can pull of a couple good shoots doesn’t mean they will consistently deliver. Judge by volume as well as quality.

    Be careful when choosing the team to capture one of the happiest days of your life. If you are unhappy with the results there isn’t a do over. You are stuck with what you’ve got.


    May 24, 2013 0 comments Read More

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